Andrew Mentis Foundation

Golfing for Charity

One of the most important objectives and raison d’etre associated with Nomads Golf is the collective spirit displayed by all Club Members towards raising funds for charitable purposes and for recognising “those less fortunate than ourselves”.

In line with this, the Andrew Mentis Nomads Foundation was created to channel the funds generated for distribution to worthwhile causes on a project-by-project basis. It is important to understand that all Nomads’ fund-raising activities are directed at specific projects and programmes – no monies are allocated to supporting the running of organisations or for their costs associated with general administration.

The initiative was given impetus by Andrew Mentis, a Nomad Founder Member in 1967 in Gauteng, and he still contributes personally to the fund every year.

Each member club forms an Andrew Mentis sub-committee, which is chaired by the Vice-Captain of the club and is specifically tasked to co-ordinate activities aimed at raising funds for the foundation. Monies raised are donated to a pre-selected charity that operates within each Club’s own geographical area in the form of tangible asset, upon which the Nomads emblem is displayed.

Each year, every Club’s activities culminate with the handover of the asset to the selected Charity at the annual Andrew Mentis golf day, which is also open to the public by invitation. This gives invited guests, including women and juniors an opportunity to experience the Nomadic camaraderie and purpose at its finest.

Nationally, since inception, the Andrew Mentis Endowment Fund has raised and donated in excess of R35 million to charities.

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