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The role that the Nomads Golf Club plays in our society could best be described by quoting from one of the opening paragraphs in a brochure, written and issued to members by our Founder, Michael Florance, 
nearly 50 years ago.

He wrote 
"A long experience in and enjoyment of golf left me, in 1959, with a deeply held feeling that there was room in this game for some kind of association or club for business and professional men to come together in a closely planned and integrated programme of golf, with all games interrelated and offering a continuing thread of interest, and that out of this activity could arise some tangible benefit to two very proper causes: to the game of golf itself, and to those less fortunate than ourselves."

The symbolic side of that paragraph is worn by all Nomads to this day, namely, our club badge, a bell crossed by a golf club - through golf the remembrance of others.

Beginning in Johannesburg with the Transvaal Nomads club in 1960, the movement gradually spread to Natal, Western Cape, Northern Transvaal, Border, Southern Natal, Southern Cape, Boland, Lowveld and Free State. Internationally there are now 3 Nomads Clubs in Zimbabwe and one each in Botswana , New Zealand and 2 in Australia. Today there are close on three thousand Nomads spread around our clubs, all committed to our ideals of benefiting the game of golf and, in the process, raising millions for those "less fortunate than ourselves".