Captains Bullsheet February 2021

Captains Bullsheet February 2021

I was extremely proud of Northerns ability to donate R10,000 to the Railways Café Kitchen of Compassion feeding project. On top of that you opened your hearts and cupboards and we managed to bring in a wonderful amount of tin food and blankets that will certainly help those in need. The exposure was highlighted in front of some extremely influential guests and well done to you all for how you showcased your generosity.

This generosity was further displayed by Northerns Nomad Deon Schoeman who sponsored R6000 towards the day and our appreciation goes out to you. Many thanks!! It helps Northerns achieve many more magnificent objectives when we have sponsors contribute to our coffers. On top of this, Gerrie Jansen van Vuuren and Shaun Landsberg have offered to sponsor a hole for the remaining year. Thank you gentlemen it goes a very long way and we will ensure all our sponsors get good exposure every month and opportunity.

We must look to getting more sponsors every occasion we can.

You would have noticed the original request for confirmation at the game went out early, and that we sent the protocols advising our way forward – we trust this helps. It did catch a few members by surprise as they saw they were not on the tee sheet. We do request that you respond to our match secretary with a simple yes I will play or no I won’t play on email or whats app please.

The 3 captains and club secretary had an induction meeting with new member Mark Oosthuysen and explained the organisation expectations of him, and our goals and objectives. Thanks gents for taking the time. It was good to hear how he had joined as he saw the traditional value systems that he was aligned to in a personal capacity. Inductions are an important part of our process and helps people understand Nomads better.

The February game was held at the beautiful Irene course which remains a long and challenging course for most. Our flag was raised and flew high! The aftermath of the rain was clearly visible in the river. But the course was still very well maintained considering the challenges of the weather.

Hole 14 being the hardest and hole 7 being the easiest on the day.

I had the joy of playing with Deon Schoeman and prospective Leon Kotze(can’t wait for you to be cut J!!). I certainly had a lot of good chat and fun on the day and thank you to my playing partners.

We had 20 guests, 1 visiting Nomad and 63 Northerns Nomads play on the day. 2 guests are prospective members. That was very pleasing as this is the most members at a game in a few years!! Our guest numbers stay high and it is good to see the conversions happening. Well done!! The Northerns brand continues to grow in influence and strength.

Thanks to our ladies that managed the match table (Charleen and Antonette).Even with the 10 minute breaks between 4 balls, they managed to get everyone registered and out as per tee sheet – Thanks to Pic2Art Pieter Dunwoody, for sponsoring the scorecards and Ikokha card machine.

Everyone managed to finish with the sun still up.

We did have some late changes again and I urge you to try avoid this as best possible and we try understand that life does throw curve balls at us all and some changes/cancellations are unavoidable.

What must be expected though, is that clubs are starting to insist on Nomads paying upfront which we did in this case and had 2 late cancellations. Scorecards are also printed in advance now so changes have knock on effects.

Our prize giving was held across the road at Railways Café who sponsored the venue for our prize giving. TJ was a magnificent host on the evening and thank you to all your staff for their hard work.

It was heartening to see how many members joined us for the evening and thank you to you all for your support. Sad to see how many members still fail to pay the apologies fee for not attending.

I also want to remind members that number 1s are part and parcel of Nomads traditions and it is compulsory to wear these at prize giving.

If you invite guests, please also inform them that jacket and tie are part of the dress code.

We did manage to get through prize giving quickly, do an induction, hand out awards and call up our beneficiary of our donation. The evening was well worth it and the response has been very positive.

We sponsored pizzas for all the attendees, and the musician who played afterwards, offered us his entertainment on the house. A good cause knock on effect from what we started.

Well done to all our winners on the day. Some relatively good scores. A 40 pointer by Shaun Landsberg was definitely good to see and I’m sure he will enjoy A division next game!!

Thanks to Club Secretary Glenn Wienand for taking the time to go out and buy the prizes for the evening. Copper Coffee sponsored the 2nd place prizes and will do this for the rest of the year and such good coffee deserves support!

You would have all received a personal email detailing your membership information and payment structures. If you have queries you are welcome to direct them to me.

Subs that are outstanding, are now due please.

Thank you to the committee for your continued hard work. To our new equipment and clothing officer Brent Holmes, good luck in your new role.

Yours in Nomads

Stephen van der Merwe

Captain: Northerns Nomads