2021 Sunbird Nationals update

2021 Sunbird Nationals update

Dear Fellow Nomad,

After many questions and requests herewith the correct way forward to try to ensure that we maintain a field of 300 players in the postponed Nationals in October of 2021.

The Sunbird Nationals has been postponed, (as per the message sent out last week), with the following notes below that will apply.

The International clubs are still very much part of the Sunbird Nationals.

The rules below apply for both local and International clubs.

1. Any Nomad, including their Partner (if any), that wants to withdraw and receive their money back may do so.

  • Cut-off date is the 15th February.
  • Coordinators must please advise Jimmy of the names already received and please copy him in at all times. ( This is to ensure we keep the portal updated daily. )
  • All withdrawals will be replaced by reserves from  your club and those from your club who are already on the NRL  ( If you have no reserves or more withdrawals than on the NRL the vacancies arising will be taken up by other Clubs).

2. Jimmy has sent out a 2nd Entry Form to all local coordinators so that any additional Nomad who wants to enter can do so. The cut-off date has been extended to 15th Feb from end of January.

  • Please send those names through as and when you receive them as we will open a 2nd NRL to have as a backup should we have more withdrawals during the course of time until end August 2021.
  • The second NRL will follow the same guidelines as usual and the number of ranking on the list will depend on the number of games played by the entrant.
  • Players currently on their Club’s Reserve List or on the 1st NRL will, at all times, receive precedence to those of the 2nd entrants and NRL.

3. All monies due to be paid back to clubs will be done once we have the full details of each club’s replacements and their new entries. The money will be paid back to each club who can then pay back their respective members who have withdrawn and could not be replaced by a Nomad from his own club.

Please NOTE :

Should the Nationals be cancelled due to ongoing restrictions and regulations that we feel it is not viable to hold a Nationals, all the entries at the time of cancellation will receive their entry fees back in full.

We will do everything in our power to ensure that cancellation would be the last resort.

That decision will be made by the end of August 2021.

Dates are as follows.

  • Withdrawals to be in by 15th Feb
  • New entries to be in by 15th Feb
  • 8th October will be the NATEX meeting and early check in for those that have booked (as per the current list).
  • 9th October will be registration and travel to CSR
  • 9th will be flag raising.
  • 10th will be Day 1 + prize giving
  • 11th will be day 2
  • 12th will be day 3 + prize giving
  • 13th will be day 4
  • 14th will be day 5 + prize giving
  • 15th check out and travel

Trust the above gives everyone the guidelines and information to pass on to the members who have already entered and those who want to enter.

I can only ask that everyone cooperates in order for us to have the details ASAP so that Jimmy can keep me up to date as to the numbers of entries we will have after the 15th Feb.

Thank you for your support.

Please stay safe and healthy and keep the prayers for us to see each other in October.


Yours in Nomads

Robbie Frank
Nationals Co-ordinator